NGL Touch update 1 released

NGL Team is happy to announce the release of Update 1 of NGL Touch. NGL Touch is a library kiosk application.

What’s new in this update?

1. Users can now open OPAC at a tap from the kiosk

2. You can Integrate smart cards

3. You can also integrate your ERPs for authentication

4. Look and Feel upgraded


Why NGL Touch?

Self-service terminals help librarians/library staff to minimize their efforts at Circulation desk. Using Self-service terminals library users can Check out (Issue), Check in (Return), and Renew Items themselves.
NGL Touch application has been optimized for Touch screens. Therefore if your self service kiosk is using a touch screen, NGL Touch is ready for the finger touch.
Please note that NGL Touch does not require any technologies like RFID or EM.

Bare minimal cost

Purchase a Kiosk of your choice. NGL Touch is completely free, open source and platform independent.

Budget strapped libraries may even deploy a simple PC for this task instead of costly kiosks. You can get the same output at 20% the cost (Save 80%)


What NGL Touch can do?

Using NGL Touch your users can
– Self Check out
– Self Check in (One level approval of library staff required before actual check in)
– Self Renewal
– Items held by the user
– Important messages from the library like Overdue items, Recall notices, Reservation intimations, Requests for check outs, Over dues to be paid, and Items that need immediate Renewal

– OPAC access

– Timer based auto logout in case the user forgets to logout before leaving the self service terminal

NGL Touch uses a separate set of form letters. Hence you can customise them to fit content into even a POS printers (the printers used in Supermarkets)

Download and Install NGL Touch?

NGL Touch is now part of NGL Installation Files and Upgrade Files. If you are installing NGL 3.0.4 R1 U3 or above then NGL Touch is a part of it.

For a new installation of NGL please visit
For upgrading your NGL installation visit

For installing NGL Touch on your Self Service terminals please visit

Is NGL Touch Free?

Yes, it is. NGL Open Source Team as part of its commitment to librarian community has made NGL Touch open source under GNU GPL v3.

What should I do to get instant support?

Choose your mode
Email? send it to
Do you want to get your doubt clarified on forums so that others in
community can benefit from it? Post it at
Do you want to talk to us? Call us at +91 741 678 3719,+91 741 678 2119,
+91 402 771 9161,+91 402 771 9162
Do you want to chat(voice chat) with us: Chat with us on (Yahoo Messenger),
(Google Talk), newgenlib.oss1(Skype)


Happy to help you

NewGenLib Team is awaiting for your call to help you. Get help from us, there are no obligations, no costs and no conditions whatsoever. We will be looking forward to help you

Wishing you a happy library management

Looking forward to serve you.


NGL Open Source Team,

(Service Before Self)

Verus Solutions, India.


Telephone: +91 741 678 3719,+91 741 678 2119, +91 402 771 9161,+91 402 771 9162

Yahoo Messenger:

Google Talk:

Skype Id for voice chat: newgenlib.oss



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