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Greetings from NGL Open Source

NGL Open Source Team is happy to bring library automation to your Town/City/District through Group Adaptation Program. Through this program NGL Open Source Team will come to  your District to help you implement NGL Open Source.

If you are a group of librarians in the same district who want to automate your library. Then this program is just for you.

How does Group Adaptation Program Work?

Step 1: Form a group of librarians. There must be a minimum 20 organizations and maximum 40 participants.

Step 2: NGL Open Source Team will install NGL at all the 20 organizations online. Team will also install the migrated data

Step 3: A resource person will travel to your district and conduct a centralized training program for the whole group. The resource person will conduct a detailed training program for 3 days (can be extended for another 2 days).

Step 4: NGL Open Source Team will provide a hand holding period for 3 months till the librarians are comfortable in using the system


How much does it cost?

NGL Open Source charges only 25 USD (INR 1,000) per organization(NOT per participant). This is the cost of resource person for training only. We do not charge for rest of the activities. If the organization pays another 12 USD (Rs 500), the organization gets free commercial support for one year. However this is optional. Organizations that are not paying the additional 12 USD (Rs 500) will always get Free Open Source Support.

Additional costs: The travel expenses of resource person and local hospitality must be born by the group

Important Requirement: Host organization

The host organization is the organization where the training program is conducted.

The host organization must provide a computer lab for training of the group. The host organization may charge the group for this facility.

Additionally host organization may provide and charge the group for local hospitality.

Certificates provided

NGL Open Source Team will issue official NGL Training certificates to all the participants. NGL Open Source Team will also issue official One Year Support agreements with organizations opting for commercial support by paying additional 12 USD (Rs 500).

Advantages of this program

  1. Full fledged implementation of a complete functional Integrated Library System directly from the developers of NGL Open Source

  2. Premium commercial support and open source support for the group libraries

  3. Very low initial and running costs. The estimates are provided below in the implementation costs

  4. District level NGL user community building


Implementation Costs


Cost per organization

NGL Implementation

Training at your district(at host organization)

On-line Installation

Data migration

Open Source Support

25 USD (Rs 1,000)

Service Tax

3.1 USD (Rs 124)

Total with Open Source Support

28.1 USD (Rs 1,124)

Additional amount for 1-year Commercial Support including service tax

11.236 USD (10 + 1.236 Service Tax)

Rs 562 (500 + 62 Service Tax)

Total with 1-year commercial support

39.4 USD (Rs 1,686)

Note: Travel, Visa, Local Hospitality and Travel time costs are extra. Group Adaptation Program is especially for budget strapped libraries

Register for Group Adaptation Program

To register for Group Adaptation Program send the following details to

Organization hosting the program:

Contact Person Name:

Contact Person Designation:

Contact Person Email:

Contact Person Google Talk/Yahoo Messenger:

Contact Person Phone Number:


Looking forward to serve you

Wishing you  a Happy Library Management

NGL Open Source Team


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