Library Visitor Track/Check made easy

Library Security/Personnel handling the library entrance counter have challenges. Firstly, belongings  deposited by Visitors while entering the library. Secondly, cross checking whether books they are carrying out have been checked out at the Circulation desk. Apart from this the librarian would also like to know the statistics of visitors to the library.

NGL Open Source introduces a new Open Source application NGL Counter exclusively for your personnel handling the library entrance counter

Key features of NGL Counter

  1. Single window screen for Visitor-In and Visitor-Out functionality

  2. Simple functionality and User friendly. Little or no training required to use it

  3. Rapid Visitor-In and Visitor-out functions to handle large numbers during peak visitor timings

  4. Functionality to record personal belongings and non-library material at the time of Visitor-In

  5. Visitor-out functionality displays the list of library books that were checked out by the Visitor from Circulation desk

  6. Secured application: This application can run only from authorized systems of the library

  7. NGL Desktop: New report is now added that gives statistical report of Visitors to the library.

Which version of NGL supports NGL Counter?

Version 3.0.4 R2 U2(Nightly build 2nd December) onwards supports NGL Counter. Hence the latest version has this functionality. If you have already downloaded and installed NGL 3.0.4 R2U2 then there is nightly build at your service

How to download and install NGL Counter?

The links and instructions for download of NGL Counter are available at

Here are a few important links to download/upgrade NGL.

For a new installation:

For upgrading from older version of NGL to the latest version:

For installing the latest nightly build:

Looking for an absolutely free implementation?

Register for NGL Adaptation Program at

Get a complete implementation and Support of NGL absolutely free of cost. NO CONDITIONS WHATSOEVER.

Having trouble in installation or upgrade? “Always Happy to help you”

NGL Team is awaiting for your call to help you. Get help from us, there are no obligations and no conditions whatsoever.
For any assistance in Installation or upgrade contact us at
Telephone: +91 741 678 3719,+91 741 678 2119, +91 402 771 9161,+91 402 771 9162
Yahoo Messenger:
Google Talk:
Skype Id for voice chat: newgenlib.oss

We will be looking forward to help you

Wishing you  a Happy Library Management

NGL Open Source Team


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