A Library Assistant at your service. NGL introduces Auto End-of-day process

Greetings from NGL Open Source

It is a painful activity for the librarian to do routine monitoring activities on daily basis in the library. NGL introduces Auto End-of-day process (NGL Auto EOD) which eliminates these headaches for the librarian. This becomes a perfect assistant for the librarian.

What can NGL Auto EOD do?

NGL Auto EOD does the following tasks

1. Identifies Overdue items and send notices

2. Sends reminders for renewals for items approaching due date

3. Closes unclaimed reservations and intimates users next in the reservation queue

4. Send Newsletters to users

5. Perform general maintenance of the system


NGL Auto EOD has the capability to send above notifications through Emails, SMS and Twitter direct messages.

NGL Auto EOD is designed in such a way that you can run it with the help of your Windows Scheduler or any operating system scheduler.

Also, we are training your NGL Auto EOD to perform more tasks.

How to install NGL?

If you are installing for the first time, please visit http://www.verussolutions.biz/kb/installationNew

Looking for an absolutely free implementation?

Register for NGL Adaptation Program at http://www.verussolutions.biz/web/nglAdaptationProgram

Get a complete implementation and Support of NGL absolutely free of cost. NO CONDITIONS WHATSOEVER.

How to upgrade your NGL installation?

If you are using an older version(3.X series) of NewGenLib including 3.0.4 R2 U1, then instructions are available at http://www.verussolutions.biz/kb/upgradeTo304R2

Having trouble in installation or upgrade? “Always Happy to help you”

NGL Team is awaiting for your call to help you. Get help from us, there are no obligations and no conditions whatsoever.
For any assistance in Installation or upgrade contact us at
Email: support@verussolutions.biz
Telephone: +91 741 678 3719,+91 741 678 2119, +91 402 771 9161,+91 402 771 9162
Yahoo Messenger: ngl.oss1@yahoo.com
Google Talk: ngl.oss.support.1@verussolutions.biz
Skype Id for voice chat: newgenlib.oss
Forums: http://forums.newgenlib.org

We will be looking forward to help you

Wishing you  a Happy Library Management

NGL Open Source Team


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