NGL takes first step into Knowledge Management. Version 3.0.4 R2 released

Respected Patron:

Greetings from NGL Open Source.

We are happy to inform you that Version 3.0.4 Release 2 is now ready to serve you. In this release NGL has taken its first step towards Knowledge Management. So lets see what’s available in this update

Features related to Knowledge Management


1. You can now customize Patrons (Experts) fields. Experts fields can be of 3 different types. Work, Subject and Other Fields. Work can be used for Expert’s work like Journal articles authored by the expert, Patents filed, Books authored and so on. You can define different types of work. Secondly, the expert’s subjects of interest and areas of expertise can be defined under subjects category. Apart from this the expert’s affiliation, blogs or any other miscellaneous fields can be defined under other fields

2. OPAC has been updated so that your users can search for experts. OPAC displays the experts’ data in both brief and detailed formats.

3. Your Experts can update their profile via OPAC. They can also define/publicize their contact information like Mobile numbers, Twitter account, Facebook account, Email and mailing information

4. Librarian can activate/deactivate user/expert profiles from NGL Carbon

5. Your users can initiate discussions with Experts via on-line discussion module

6. All discussions and their comments/posts are searchable instantly

7. Every post is automatically emailed to all related users of the discussion

8. Open discussions are also supported

9. Librarian can Publish/Unpublish a discussion or an individual post from OPAC

Features related to library management


1. We added a comprehensive statistical report in Acquisitions to help you providing quick information to your accrediting/affiliating organizations

2. A new view for journals has been added. Apart from Compressed and Itemized holdings now a new view called “Itemized holdings barcode wise” has been added

3. Apart from “New Arrivals Newsletter” now you can send “Content Page” especially for Journal articles in newly checked in journal issues

4. A new query has been added in Circulation to see Reservation status of a Patron

5. “List overdue material in demand” report has been added

6. Overdue column is now added in “Over due material” report.

How to get NGL?


For a new installation of NGL please visit

For upgrading your NGL installation visit

What should I do to get instant support?


Choose your mode

Do you want to email? send it to

Do you want to get your doubt clarified on forums so that others in

community can benefit from it? Post it at

Do you want to talk to us? Call us at +91 741 678 3719,+91 741 678 2119,

+91 402 771 9161,+91 402 771 9162

Do you want to chat(voice chat) with us: Chat with us on (Yahoo Messenger),

(Google Talk), newgenlib.oss1(Skype)

Happy to help you


NewGenLib Team is awaiting for your call to help you. Get help from us, there are no obligations, no costs and no conditions whatsoever. We will be looking forward to help you

Wishing you a happy library management


NewGenLib Open Source Team


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