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NewGenLib Open Source 3.0.4 R1 Update 1 is now ready to serve you

December 14, 2012

Respected Patron,

Greetings from NewGenLib Open Source
NewGenLib Open Source Team is happy to announce the release of 3.0.4 R1 Update 1.

What’s new in this update?
– SIP2 Support: From this release NGL comes with in-built SIP2 support. Just edit your file and NGL starts the SIP server accordingly
– Full text Indexing and Searching of digital attachments: NGL now uses Apache Tika. With this new tool not only catalogue records but their digital attachments and URLS are indexed. Now you can also search based on the content of your digital attachments
– Web statistics: To know your OPAC usage you can now place Google Analytics code or any other such code
– Sign up in OPAC: New users can now sign up from OPAC. After Librarian’s approval a Patron record is created in the database
– Email new arrivals: Users can now share new arrivals with others through Email
– User ratings of Catalogue Records: An enhancement for User reviews is provided in OPAC. Users can now rate a catalogue record on a scale of 5 (Most useful to not useful). Also, one level of approval is added for User reviews and ratings. After the approval by the Librarian reviews are published on OPAC
– Feedback and comments on catalogue records: Users can write their feedbacks/comments on catalogue records. Librarian can approve and reply for these comments. Approved comments are published on OPAC.
– Users can now submit catalogue records from OPAC along with digital attachments. Cataoguer must refine/approve these records. These records are then added to the main Catalogue
– Circulation form letters made more powerful, simple and more customizable: From this version we are moving all the form letters to Freemarker templates. All form letters will be generated in 3 formats: HTML for rich text, Text format and Message format for SMS & Tweets. Currently, all critical circulation form letters are migrated. In the future all form letters will be moved into this setup
– Cirulcation history download: Users can now download their Circulation history as a PDF file in OPAC
– Auto Sign-on: Integrating your Intranet applications with NewGenLib for a single sign on is now very simple

How to upgrade?
If you are using an older version(3.X series) of NewGenLib including 3.0.4 R1, then instructions are available at

If you are installing for the first time, please visit

Happy to help you
NewGenLib Team is awaiting for your call to help you. Get help from us, there are no obligations and no conditions whatsoever.
For any assistance in Installation or upgrade contact us at
Telephone: +91 741 678 3719,+91 741 678 2119, +91 402 771 9161,+91 402 771 9162
Yahoo Messenger:
Google Talk:
Skype Id for voice chat: newgenlib.oss
We will be looking forward to help you

Wishing you a Happy Library Management

NewGenLib Open Source Team


Free support from NewGenLib Open Source Team

December 3, 2012

Dear Patron,

It is a popular belief that implementing an Open Source System is not cost-effective compared to  implementing a Proprietary(Commercial) system.
NewGenLib(NGL) Adaptation Program proves it a MYTH. Implementing NGL Open Source is not just cost-effective, it is ZERO-COST.
NewGenLib Adaptation Program does not end with a free installation, training and data migration. Its goes beyond it. It even provides free support. Join our Adaptation Program by clicking on

Our motto for support is “Get help don’t search for it”.
If you encounter a problem/doubt while using NewGenLib you do not have to search the Internet for the solution. It will be like searching for a needle in a haystack. NewGenLib provides “Get help” facility. Our support team provides one-to-one help for all. Help is available instantly on line through Email, Chat, Remote desktop sharing and Telephone.

What should I do to get instant support?
Choose your mode
Do you want to email? send it to
Do you want to get your doubt clarified on forums so that others in community can benefit from it? Post it at
Do you want to talk to us? Call us at +91 741 678 3719,+91 741 678 2119, +91 402 771 9161,+91 402 771 9162
Do you want to chat(voice chat) with us: Chat with us on (Yahoo Messenger), (Google Talk), newgenlib.oss(Skype)

Happy to help you
NewGenLib Team is awaiting for your call to help you. Get help from us, there are no obligations, no costs and no conditions whatsoever.
We will be looking forward to help you

Wishing you a happy library management

NewGenLib Open Source Team

NewGenLib Open Source Support
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