The First Open Source “Exclusive Union Catalogue Application” launched

Respected Patron:
Greetings from NewGenLib Open Source.
The NewGenLib Team is happy to announce the first Open Source Exclusive Union Catalogue Application – NGL UC.

What is NGL UC?
NGL-UC means NewGenLib Union Catalogue Application. It is an exclusively union catalogue application.

Why do I need this application?
– If you want to build a union catalogue of all libraries in your organisation but each library is running a separate installation of Library Software.
– If you want to build a union catalogue of a consortium of libraries. For example: A consortium of Engineering Colleges in ABC City

Should all my libraries have NewGenLib as ILMS to build a Union Catalogue using NGLUC?
Not required. Your libraries can be be running any ILMS. But to provide feed (Catalogue Records) to NGL UC you need to get drivers built for your ILMS. These drivers must be able to upload catalogue records, user records and circulation transaction records to the NGL UC Server
NewGenLib is built to automatically feed the NGL UC server. However this feature is available from NewGenLib 3.0.3 Update 5 only.

Why is this called “Exclusive Union Catalogue Application”?
Usually many library management systems support Multi-library functionality. But to build a union catalogue you are forced to use the same library management system and also the same installation.
However NGLUC does NOT force you to use any particular Library software. You can use any library software provided you have drivers to feed to NGL UC Server. NGL UC has Union Catalogue functionalities only.

What are the system requirements to install this Application?
Server Hardware: Intel Dual Core Processor or any equivalent make or higher processor speed, 2 GB RAM
Server OS: Windows or Linux family
Static/Public IP for your NGL UC Server.
Clients: Web browser

Is this application Open Source and Free?
Yes, its from the house of NewGenLib Open Source. It is honestly open source under GNU GPL V3 license. It is completely free.

In what languages is it available?
The “NGL UC Beta 1 release” currently supports UK English only. But the NGL UC Version 1.0 will support more languages.

How to download and install NGL UC?
Download links and Installation notes are available at

Happy to help you any time
NewGenLib Team is awaiting for your call to help you. Get help from us, there are no obligations and no conditions whatsoever.
For any assistance in Installation or upgrade contact us at
Telephone: +91 741 678 3719,+91 741 678 2119, +91 402 771 9161,+91 402 771 9162
Yahoo Messenger:
Google Talk:
Skype Id for voice chat: newgenlib.oss
We will be looking forward to help you

Wishing you a Happy Library Management

NewGenLib Open Source Team


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