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NewGenLib 3.0.3 Update 3 is now released

December 29, 2011

Dear Patron:

Greetings from NewGenLib Open Source. As promised the NewGenLib Team has now released Update 3 of NewGenLib 3.0.3. This is a part of our commitment to release a new update once in every 6 weeks.

What’s new in this update?
– New feature: Twitter integration – NewGenLib is now integrated with Twitter. You can send tweets which are published on OPAC home page. System also send direct messages to user’s Twitter accounts.
– New feature: Recording reference material usage – System now records the reference material used. This will help you to identify reference material that are heavily used
– New feature: Users can now define new arrivals period – In OPAC users can now define custom number of days and retrieve new arrivals during that period.
– New feature: In OPAC, if you click on the book cover, the book cover’s image is shown in original dimensions of the image
– New feature: In librarian interface, at the time of “Update holdings”, each barcode’s individual status is now shown
– New feature: In librarian interface, Search Patron screen, each Patron’s membership status as well as their delinquency status is now shown
– New feature: In librarian interface, at the time of importing cataloguing records by default the local tags (9XX) are filtered out. You may remove the filter also
– New feature: Authority data exact search – In librarian interface, in Search Catalog you can now search authority data and retrieve all catalog records related to that authority entry.
– New feature: In librarian interface, Administration->Configure System-> Authority files search. Catalog records count associated with each of the authority entry is now shown. Also you can right click on a particular authority entry and view the associated catalog records.
– Bug fixed: Upload of attachments now works on ports other than 8080
– Bug fixed: Series name index is now fixed
– Bug fixed: Author/Subject/Uniform title browse, see term search is fixed
– Bug fixed: Free text search in OPAC
– Bug fixed: While creating/editing barcodes, vendor names list is now sorted alphabetically
– Bug fixed: Book covers are now visible in other view also in OPAC

How do I upgrade?
If you are using NewGenLib V 3.0.3 U2, please visit

For upgrade from any other version, please visit

If you want us to upgrade the system for you, we are at your service. Send us email to

Wishing you a happy library management

NewGenLib Open Source Team