Verus starts NewGenLib adaptation program

Dear Patrons:

Verus Solutions has started “NewGenLib Adaptation Program”. You may also recommend this program for other libraries.

What is “NewGenLib Adaptation Program”?
This program is for libraries which are planning to automate their libraries in just 4 days. This is time-bound program. The duration of this program is 32 hours (4 – days). And it is very simple. There are schedules for this program. If you strictly follow the schedule you will fully automate your library in just 4 days. You will be visually observing your users’ (and management) satisfaction and praise for library services.

What should you do to enrol to this program?
Please visit and enrol your library for the program. You may also share this link with libraries that are planning to implement library automation.

What happens after enrolment?
NewGenLib Open Source Team will do the following tasks for you

Step 1 – Installation: We will download and install the latest version of NewGenLib on your system. If you have any clients we will install NewGenLib clients.

Step 2 – Training: This is a 24 hour program (3 days). In this step we will train you on all the critical functionalities of library management.

Step 3 – Installing migrated data: We will be collecting you data to convert it into NewGenLib schema. The privacy of your library data will be strictly be maintained. NewGenLib Open Source Team will be accepting a Non-Disclosure Agreement from you to protect the privacy of your data. The process of collecting the data will happen at step 1 itself. So that at the end of the program the converted data is installed.

Step 4 – System maintenance and support: We will provide you with information on process to get instant help from us. Maintaining NewGenLib is very cost effective.

Is this program strictly based on schedule?
The program is designed for 32 hours, that is 4 days x 8 hours per day. However you are at your liberty to allot time for this program.

What are the costs involved in taking up this program?
Verus Solutions does not charge any thing for this program. This is absolutely a free program. All you need is a decent Internet connection as all the tasks are executed online.

For any queries you may send us an email to

Wishing you a happy library management

Warm regards
NewGenLib Open Source Team
Verus Solutions


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