Enter NGL 3.0

Dear Patron:

Enter NGL 3.0

What’s new in 3.0?
1. A major change in technologies used: NGL 3.0 uses Java 6.0, Apache Tomcat 6.0, Spring Framework, and Hibernate Framework.
2. For Bibliographic and Authority data searches NGL now uses Solr. Solr is the popular, blazing fast open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project. This makes your catalog searches very fast.
3. In Cataloging, you can now define your own data entry templates. We have already put a few frequently used templates.
4. You can define your own search indexes.
5. OPAC now displays Book covers, Google previews and is also integrated with Syndetics.
6. OPAC is Zotero compliant.
7. Mobile alerts: NGL can now be integrated to SMS gateways. Mobile alerts will be sent to user’s mobiles at the time of check in and check out.

Functional modules present
Technical Processing(Cataloging), Circulation, Acquisitions, Serials Management, Web OPAC, Reports and Administration.

How to install?
To install NGL 3.0.2 or to upgrade from your old version of NGL, download

Install instructions: http://www.verussolutions.biz/kb/installationNew
Update instructions for NGL 2.0: http://www.verussolutions.biz/kb/node/27

Getting trained to use NGL is much simpler now. We have created videos and hosted them as tutorials at http://www.verussolutions.biz/kb
These videos will explain you step-by-step to use various functionalities of NGL.
More videos are going to be added shortly.

Migrate to NGL from a different ILS?
Are you planning to Migrate from any other ILS or excel sheets or CDSISIS. This service is free. Send us the database to info@verussolutions.biz and get it converted to NGL database free of cost.

What’s cooking?
NewGenLib 3.0.3 beta is going to be released this week. It has more added functionalities in Circulation and OPAC.

For any queries please do send us an email to info@verussolutions.biz

Warm regards
NGL Open Source,
Verus Solutions.


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