Build library catalog in your native language script

-Do you have books that are in your native language(For example: Chinese, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Indic scripts, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, European languages, Russian, Vietnamese, Marathi, Asian languages,   etc… )?
-Do you want to catalog these books in your native language script? Especially avoid transliterating in English?
-If you are not sure whether your users can type and search in native language script, do you alternatively want to enter data transliterated in English also. Thus allowing catalog searchable both in native language script and English.

If yes, NewGenLib is the right ILS for you. NewGenLib supports Unicode 4.0. Its uses the right technologies and works with contemporary technologies to give you a pleasant experience. The below are the mentioned use cases supported by NewGenLib.

Use case 1: My library has catalog in many languages
You can build a single catalog database that has any number of language scripts. For example a library using NewGenLib developed its catalog database that has records in English, Telugu, Arabic, Urdu and Persian.

Use case 2: My library has catalog in multiple languages, but my users may prefer English to search
Even though you are building a catalog that has native language script, it necessarily does not mean that your users using OPAC will search using native language script. Many a times your users try to transliterate the search terms into English.
NewGenLib supports “Alternate Graphic Representation” concept of MARC21. Through this feature you can enter the data both in your native language as well as enter the data in English (in transliterated form). By this you (and your users) can search in both English and native language.

Is Cataloging in Native language difficult?
You don’t have to worry if you are not well-versed with your native language keyboard. NewGenLib works seamlessly with world-class tools that make this task very simple. Few of them are
1. Google IME (If you are using Windows):
2. Linux Phonetic keyboards
3. Any Unicode based keyboards

NewGenLib helps you to build catalog database in native scripts using Global standards. All the above mention features are readily available with your NewGenLib Open Source.

In case you need any assistance in using this feature contact us at

Wishing you a happy library management.

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Warm regards
NewGenLib Open Source Team


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