NGL Vufind Drivers released

Hello all,
NewGenLib development team has released drivers for Vufind. You may find them at
The has 2 files
1. NewGenLib.php which is the driver
2. NewGenLib.ini should be edited to provide newgenlib database(postgresql) information

Also make sure you installed php-pgsql

Change your vufind config.ini to point to NewGenLib driver and also change Authentication to ILS.

You can export the Bibliographic data of NewGenLib using
1. Extract this zip file into your C: Drive.
2. Install JRE 1.6
3. In C:/NGLMARCExport directory double click on launch.jnlp

This tool will export your data to a .mrc file. Use of vufind to import this file.

Verus Solutions open source customer support,

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One Response to “NGL Vufind Drivers released”

  1. Eoghan Ó Carragáin Says:

    This is great. Congratulations. Are you going to make these drivers available in the VuFind trunk code? There is also a wiki page detailing ILS support:

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